Selection Championship for World Fullcontact Karate Championship

November 23, 2024
Selection Championship for World Fullcontact Karate Championship

Dear Presidents, Country Representatives, Branch Chiefs, National Coaches,

Dear Shihan, Sensei, Senpai, Dojo Leaders and Karateka

On behalf of The EFKO European Fullcontact Karate Organization, we are very honoured and proud

to invite you to the: “2nd European Fullcontact Karate Cup” Selection Championship for “1st World Fullcontact Karate Championship” In Japan – Tokyo, May 2025

The “2nd European Fullcontact Karate Cup will take place on Saturday November 23rd and Sunday 24th in the city of Antwerp, Belgium.

The tournament will take place in the Arenahal, Arenplein 1, 2100 Antwerp/Deurne. The Antwerp Diamondcup, well known in Europe, is also held in this venue.

As the preparations of the Tournament are on-going and many volunteers are putting tremendous amounts of effort into the success of this event, we’re proud to announce the full support of the City of Antwerp. Thanks to our sponsors, arrangements have been made in 4-star hotel Mercure City South, making sure our participants can perform their best while competing for their title and place to get selected.

WFKO World Championship: As you know in May 2025 a united World championship for all Fullcontact Karate styles and organizations will be held. This World Championship will be held in Tokyo in the “Tokyo Ariake Arena” 

The tournament in Antwerp, Belgium will be the official selection tournament to select European fighters for the WFKO World Championship. Our goal is to send the strongest European team to Japan. Open and fair tournament: This tournament is open for all Fullcontact karate organizations and styles.

We work under the guidance of the “World Fullcontact Karate Organization” (WFKO) and the “European Fullcontact Karate Organization” (EFKO). The tournament will be equal and fair for all fighters. This tournament wants to connect people, organizations, styles and countries. The only way to make it a big success is to work together as one team for the benefits of Fullcontact Karate.

Honoured guests: We are very proud to welcome the presence of the President of WFKO, Shihan Midori Kenji, the WFKO secretary Shihan Yasukazu Koi and three times WKO World Champion Shihan Tsukamoto Norichika, from EKO Shihan Remigiusz Karpinski, from EFKO Koen Scharrenberg. Also from Europe, we welcome from KWF Shihan Antonio Pinero, from IFK Shihan David Pickthall, from Ashihara Shihan Nicu Dascalu and Shihan Kim Andersen, from KWU Shihan Semmy Schilt, Sensei Jonathan Tineo and more.

We also expect to welcome many leaders, presidents and special guests from different Fullcontact Karate Organizations.

This document will provide more information on the 2nd EFKO Tournament. As we’re nearing to the event itself, more information will be provided to you by e-mail and through our website 

Registration for participants and officials will open officially on April 1st , 2024. Please visit the Kumite technology site to register for participants, referees, coaches and officials. Payments have to be done on the EFKO website:

We are certain that the family sentiment of all karateka combined with the “Never Give Up Spirit”, will guarantee a successful event, giving Fullcontact Karate the attention it deserves! We are very honoured to enjoy the finest competitors of Europe together with you! Friendships will be strengthened and unified through our Fullcontact karate. 

“Together we are better”, Osu!

EFKO board,

Shihan Koen Spitaels (Tournament chairman)

Organizing committee

Who can participate

Every fighter of 18 years and up, who is part of a dojo, group, and/or organization in the WFKO European Region countries, can participate.

The EFKO selection tournament is a high-level tournament. So only fighters with extensive fighting experience and who have experience at fighting on an international level are allowed to participate, we’re asking you to make select your best fighters and we require a minimum grade of 4th kyu for participants.

Participants who will reach the first or second place in their category, automatically qualify for the WFKO world championship in Japan. Participants who reach the 3rd place will be a back-up fighter and will be qualified for the WFKO world championship in case of an injury with any of the other already qualified participants or when an additional spot is being made available to European Fighters.


All fights will be under the WFKO rules, tournament rules are available on the website and in the attachments to this letter.

Registration for fighters and officials

Registration for participants, referees, officials officially opens on April 1st, 2024 and can be done by yourself on the Kumite Technology platform.

More information about registration you can find here: 

Deadline for referees is June 1st , 2024 (look under).

Deadline for national teams, officials, and others is October 5th, 2024. After this date no more applications or cancellations will be accepted. Registrations can only be accepted when all required documents and payments have been received and processed on time.

Contact Information

Arenahal, Arenaplein 1, B-2100 Deurne (Antwerp), Antwerp, Belgium

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